Key Benefits and Features of Bizlinx Membership…



  • Allows non-executive directors to become affordable
  • Share your business goals in confidence
  • Develop strong & trusted business relationships
  • Increase your profile and set yourself apart from competitors
  • Closed meetings focus on business development & training
  • Learn & develop a greater understanding of business
  • Start new businesses, ventures and opportunities
  • Expand the way you do business and with whom
  • Achieve your business objectives & goals
  • Accelerate your opportunities & profits



  • Become part of a Non-Executive Director Board of proactive business people
  • Have trusted advisers to your business and become a trusted adviser to others
  • Run closed meeting agendas with your board to concentrate on business issues
  • Work on your business strategy and risks with fellow experienced business people
  • Become part of a greater network of proactive business owners regionally & nationally
  • Focus on collaborative and sustainable partnerships between members

“Bring the outside world into your business”