Bizlinx is a forum of forward-thinking, successful, positive and committed individuals who work to be supportive of one another within the network.

Bizlinx works within a framework of its culture, philosophy and a general code of conduct in order to help our members achieve their goals. We will always speak well of and to others in our approach to doing business.

Bizlinx facilitates development & training, delivering the highest quality education in business excellence. We endeavour to deliver the greatest value for money.  We aim to do this in a fun and exciting environment where our members will enjoy their learning and working together.

Bizlinx members are keen to grow relationships with people that take business relationships seriously along with retaining their commitment to Bizlinx and its members.

We will help people achieve success, and freedom through our relationships, our teamwork and our focus. 

Members are welcome by the following measures:

  • Passionate about their business!
  • Ambitious for their business!
  • Committed to contributing to the success of fellow members!
  • Talented at what they do!

Code of Conduct & Culture


Being good is not enough anymore, excellence is our benchmark and we will all get involved to deliver services of exceptional quality.


As an individual, I understand that, it is I am responsible for my actions, both in terms of my business and within my board.


I am committed to the success of the goal, mission and vision of Bizlinx, its members and its clients both now and in the future. My priorities will include promoting the network and its members.


I will always commit to achieving the best outcome in whatever I do. I believe I get more from a team by supporting the team members to achieve.

Being Part of a Team

I understand that being part of a team makes me stronger. I will look for help and offer help whenever it is needed. I will look to team goals as being my goals and co-operate fully to achieve them.


I will always speak of Bizlinx, its clients and my board members positively and trustfully, in both private and public.I will not listen to gossip or advocate rumour.I will congratulate in public and discuss concerns in private.I will look to empower using positive language. If I upset someone, I will always apologise before looking for the solution.I am responsible for the responses my communication brings.



I will only commit to an agreement I fully intend to complete. I promise to tell the truth at all times. I will always deliver more than I promise.