How Bizlinx Works

Bizlinx is structured into three distinct parts for members:-

Board Meetings – Bizlinx Boards meet twice a month. One of these meetings is open to guests and one meeting is closed (members-only).  These regular meetings allow the Board Members to keep each other informed of developments in their industry, share insights and information not available to the wider business community and develop their business & board strategy.  This is also the opportunity to invite guests to experience a Board Meeting, organise ‘1to1’ Meetings, develop a rapport and great working relationships.

Individual Meetings – ‘Members’ Confidential Conferences’ (1to1) are held regularly between individual Board Members to enable them to develop an intimate understanding of each other’s businesses, what they offer and what they are looking to develop.

Membership – Bizlinx Board Members are positive, proactive business people with a vision for themselves and their businesses, along with the drive and the determination to achieve it. Membership should distinguish Bizlinx members from non-members.

Responsibilities of Board Members

Board members may have specific responsibilities that are unique to the business or industry in which they perform. Every board shares a set of general responsibilities that board members should be prepared to assume when they serve. The following checklist may be helpful to consider when the board conducts its self-assessment.

  • Attendance: Board members agree to attend board meetings and participate fully.
  • Mission: Directors agree to define the mission and participate in planning to review the board’s purposes, priorities and goals.
  • Board effectiveness: Directors must evaluate how well the board is performing and maintain an effective organization, procedures and recruitment

 What Makes Successful Board Members

A board member’s success is determined not only by their business skills and experience, but by their personality traits, or character. Several characteristics of successful, happy board members are:-

  • Honest
  • Enthusiastic
  • Open minded
  • Team players
  • Tackle complex problems with relish
  • Take an orderly approach to decision making
  • Competent
  • Have a sense of humour