Our Charities



NSARDA Kent is a Search And Rescue Dog Unit that trains air scenting search dog units to a high standard of readiness to be called upon by the Police, RAF, and other Search & Rescue Units, other Emergency Services and Local councils in Kent.


Kent Search and Rescue


(Lowland) exists to offer a special service to the Police, RAF Search & Rescue Units, other emergency services and local councils throughout Kent, and the rest of the UK if called upon. The unit is manned by volunteers and is operational 365 days a year. We are activated at the request of the police and other emergency organisations. This is achieved by a telephone call to our duty officer, who will in turn activate the members by way of a paging system.

On average 10,000 people go missing in Kent every year, although they do not all require a full call out or search. We have a high percentage in the Kent area of people that can be classified as being vulnerable and will need our assistance. These include the elderly and those suffering from senile dementia and children that go missing for a number of reasons.


Walk Tall

Walk Tall is a registered charity founded in 2002 in order to help people of all ages to break barriers to living successful lives.

Based at ‘Walk Tall Village’ just 5 minutes from Ebbsfleet International Station and Bluewater Retail Park in Kent, the main areas of operation are Dartford and Gravesham Boroughs, with a reach throughout Kent and into South East London. Uniquely, Walk Tall Village is an all-age arts hub which is also able to underpin arts focussed personal development through the provision of talking therapies.

Walk Tall provides exceptional quality arts development and education (including accredited learning) and specialises in performing arts, whilst embracing music, and art. To further enhance life success, an extensive counselling and psychotherapy service is available to both children & adults. There is no requirement for counselling service users to have an interest in, or access any of our arts activities or vice versa.

Arts programmes have a very wide range: from children and adult classes and daytime learning programmes for vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, to continuing professional development for the gifted & talented, and professional actors which includes a touring repertory company.

The scope of talking therapies includes 1:1 client: counsellor sessions, professional CPD for counsellors and an agency service, providing qualified counsellors to education, workplace and HR establishments.


Community Driving School (CIC)

Being able to drive is one of the single most important skills a person can have and is quite literally life changing. It offers freedom to travel anywhere at any time and opens doors to employment which were previously out of reach. For example, jobs involving driving, mobility or simply being able to get to a remote location not easily accessed by public transport. In addition to travel and employment opportunities, a driving licence is a legal form of ID which can be used when applying for voting and other legal disclosures.

Formed in 2016 by director, John Nicholson, the aim of the Community Driving School (CDS) is to allow those on a low wage, unemployed, young carers and students access to jobs previously beyond them and discourage people from driving illegally by accessing funds to assist pay for lessons and obtain a valid UK Driving Licence.


The Big Cat Sanctuary

The peace and tranquility of the site provides a sanctuary and excellent conditions for the successful breeding of the beautiful, yet endangered cats both large and small within the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme.

Our Vision

  • To assist in the conservation of the world’s endangered big cats
  • To preserve breeding integrity
  • To assist the return of big cats to the wild wherever possible

Mission Statement

To be recognised and respected as being a centre of excellence for endangered big cats