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Bizlinx is a strategic business development organisation for ambitious, proactive business people providing local Non-Executive Director forums.

Bizlinx business owners come together to build their businesses under a concept of sustainable, collaborative growth with a core principle of building and developing trusted relationships.

Bizlinx is ideally suited to Business Owners, Partners, Directors and Managers.

It is still relatively rare for SME’s (small-to-medium sized business enterprises)to use the concept of non-executive directors. Most managing directors and business owners are aware of the concept, but due to the time commitment and cost, do not appoint non-executive directors.

Bizlinx is affordable and cost efffective.


Our Work is to…

  • Develop a framework of non-executive director forums, for business owners in the small to medium sized business sector
  • Promote strategic alliances, joint ventures and masterminding sessions between members of the Bizlinx community
  • Provide a framework for local business owners to build trusted relationships, develop opportunities, share resources and establish partnerships
  • Grow stronger associations between SME business communities and charity organisations


Bizlinx works with the SME business sector.   Department of Trade and Industry (2004) estimated that of the 4.3 million businesses in the UK, 99.9% of these are small to medium enterprises.

SME’s account for more than 58% of all employment in the UK and provide more than half of the UK Business Turn Over. That is £2,400 Billion!

The SME market needs a business forum where companies can build strategic alliances and maximise their potential. Bizlinx members are serious about their business, serious about Bizlinx and therefore serious about helping each other become successful.